Tow Rating ST(A)

To be able to tow gliders you will need to hold the glider tow rating. The training for sailplane towing consist of a theoretical and practical training and can be done most probably in one day. An examination is not required.

Course requirements:
License / Medical:
PPL(A), LAPL(A), CPL(A) or ATPL(A) with valid SEP(land) (or TMG) classrating
valid aviation medical certificate (Medical)
30h & 60 landings as PIC after issue of the licence

Theoretical training:
The theoretical training includes aerotow related matters. In detail the following topics will be discussed:
Regulations about towing flights
Equipment for the towing activity
Sailplane towing techniques
Emergency procedures

Flight training:
The practical training is done in our strong towplane with different gliders in the back. If you haven’t done any aerotows in a glider yet, the first step is to do 5 tows in the glider perspective with one of our glider instructors. The training itself consists of 10 aerotows of which at least 5 have to be completed in dual control.

The following exercises will be practised during the training:
Take-off procedures (normal and crosswind take-offs)
360° circles on tow with a bank of 30° and more
Descending on tow
Release procedure of the sailplane
Landing with the tow rope connected (if applicable)
Tow rope release procedure in-flight
Emergency procedures (simulation)
Signals and communication during tow