We offer all our aircraft also for rent!

Aircraft Rental:
Compared to buying your own aircraft, renting is in 99% of the cases cheaper. You will profit from well maintained and regularely flown airplanes. Our online booking tool will give you an easy overview of the availabilities of the aircraft and allows you to book the aircraft for you for the period you want to go flying. Rentals for more than one day are also possible upon prior approval by the school. For longer trips our staff is happy to assist with hints and recommendations.

Hour Building:
If you are looking to build up more hours, e.g. towards your CPL(A) or IR training we can also offer hour packages with a discount. If you are coming from abroad, we can make the aircraft available for you for a certian period to be able to do your build up within a few days. We can also offer accomodation in our clubhouse at the airfield.

PPL(A) / LAPL(A) with valid classrating
Medical Class 2 or LAPL
Rental contract
Checkflight with one of our instructors on the type

Non-pilot renters:
If you don’t have a licence on your own, you can still rent our aircraft, we will get you in contact with a commercial pilot who can do the flight with you.