Aerobatics (A)

Are you dreaming of loops, spins, rolls and turns in an airplane? Then you should start doing aerobatics!
To do aerobatics in an airplane, you will need to complete a training course and receive the licence entry of the aerobatics rating. The training will help you to understand the limits of and airplane better. It’s has a positive effect to flight safety, not only to those who would like to continue flying aerobatics later.

Course requirements:
License / Medical:
PPL(A), LAPL(A), CPL(A) or ATPL(A) with valid SEP(land) classrating
valid aviation medical certificate (Medical)
30h as PIC after issue of the licence

Theoretical training:
The theoretical training includes the following topics:
Human factors and body limitation
Technical subjects
Limitations applicable to the specific aircraft category (and type)
Aerobatic manoeuvres and recovery
Emergency procedures

Flight training:
During the training you will practice several aerobatic maneuvers together with a flight instructor.
These are first hand confidence manoeuvres and recoveries, such as:
Slow flights and stalls, Steep turns, Side slips, Engine restart in-flight (if applicable)
Spins and recovery, Recovery from spiral dives, Recovery from unusual attitudes

The following basic aerobatic manoeuvres will be practised and will be combined to a program towards the end of your training:
Lazy Eight
Inverted flight
Hammerhead turn