Tow Rating ST(A)


For towing gliders with an airplane you need to hold a specific rating. We are providing the training for your sailplane towing rating.
To start the training course 30h PIC time on airplanes and 5h on the training aircraft type (Rallye Series) are required. As the MS 894 A is a comfortable and powerful 4 seater you can also rent the plane from us to build up the hours needed for the training.

We can also provide the training for the saiplane towing rating on motorgliders!

Theory Training

For the ST(A) rating a decent level of theory instruction is necessary. This contains for example emergency and tow procedures, equipment, legislation, etc.
The training will be held with the instructor in our briefing room before the flight training.

Flight training

The flight training for the tow rating contains at least 10 tows. A minimum of 5 tows have to be completed in dual control with an FI. During the training different situations and emergencies should be simulated.

After the training

After the flight training you will receive a certificate of training to request the endorsment of your licence. There is no examination required. After the issue of your ST(A) rating you can tow gliders with aircraft. To keep your rating valid you have to have a minimum of 5 tows in the last 24 month.