Time Building / Rental

Not enough hours in your logbook to start e.g. CPL training?
Or just motivated to do some flying?
We are providing the chance to build up your flighthours and gain some more experience!

Romania is a great place to fly! The landscape in the counrty offers flatland, coast line, high mountains, the danube river and everything in between. That makes every flight different. Usually during the summer month Romania has a very stable climate with a lot of sunny days – perfect for flying.

Hour building in Romania will not just be a profit to your logbook!
It’s our pretension that the time in Romania will not just fill up your hours, we also like you to have fun and gain a lot of experience. Aerodrom Kings Land Ineu is located perfect to widen your horizon. It can be a base to flights over Romania and the Carpathian Mountains, down to the Black Sea Coast, over Hungary, Slovakia, even down do the Adria and the Alps. You will get the full assistance by our instructors during your stay and if you are not comfortable to fly alone we can even organize a safety pilot for you.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you for your hour building or „simple“ aircraft rental at Ineu! Feel free to contact us and discuss your personal matters and inform yourself about hour building packages!

Just write us an E-Mail to: training@alb-aviation.com