The training for PPL(A) and LAPL(A) contains theoretical and practical flight instruction. The course can be started anytime and the dates for flying can be set individually after your schedule.

There are some major differences between the „Private Pilot Licence“ (PPL) and the „Light Aircraft Pilot Licence“ (LAPL), read more about it on the bottom of the page. We are also looking forward to explain you the further differences and requirements and also the benefit’s of a the licences in a personal conversation. We like you to find the training course that will fill your needs.

Theory Training

Theory training for PPL and LAPL contains the following content:
– Airlaw
– Technic
– Aircraft performance and Flightplanning
– Human performance
– Navigation
– Meteorology
– Operational Procedures
– Aerodynamics / Principles of Flight
– Radio Communication

We offer the identical course for PPL and LAPL. The training will be held via a distance learning course with 10h classroom instruction at the end of the course. In exceptional cases the training can be held in classroom only, a minimum of 100h (80h) training are required for the course.

A written theoretical exam at the aviation authority is necessary to continue your solo flight training.

Flight training for PPL(A)

Flight training will be held at one of our training bases. For PPL a minimum of 45h flight training is required. This time will be splitted in at least:
– 25h flight time with instructor
– 10h solo flight time
– 5h solo cross country flight with at least a 300km distance flight

Flight training for LAPL(A)

Flight training will be held at one of our training bases. For LAPL only a minimum of 30h flight training is required. This time will be splitted in at least:
– 15h flight time with instructor
– 6h solo flight time
– 3h solo cross country flight with at least a 150km distance flight

Skill Test at the end of the training

At the end of the flight training you will demonstrate your skills to a examiner of the aviation authority to obtain your licence. Before you will fly with the examiner from the authority we’ll do an internal test examination within your last flight lesson to prepare you as good as we can for your final examination.

With the licence in your hands…

After the issue of the licence you are allowed to fly Single Piston Engine Aircraft like most of the Cessna’s and Piper’s.

With the PPL you can fly aircraft up to 5 passengers and 5700kg maximum weight. The licence is ICAO confirmal, so it can be converted also to foreign licences worldwide, e.g. if you like to fly somewhere in your holiday. It’s also the basic licence and the first step to obtain a commercial licence or instrument rating.

The LAPL(A) is restricted to smaller aircraft with a weight of less than 2000kg and a maximum of 3 passengers on board. It’s just valid within the states of the European Union (+Switzerland) and has restrictions regarding additional ratings. Flying with passengers is just allowed after 10h flight time after receiving the licence, so earliest after 45h total time. The LAPL can be converted also to a PPL with additional flight training.

A certain amount of flying is necessary to keep your licence current and stay in training, our school aircraft will be also available for rent to you once you have received your licence!