To fly motorgliders you will need an extension to your SPL privileges, basically a classrating for TMG.


Theoretical training

To obtain the TMG privileges for the SPL the applicant needs to gain proficiency in the following subjects:
– Principles of flight
– Operational procedures
– Flight performance and planning
– Aircraft general knowledge
– Navigation

The training for theory will be done by our instructors and by self study and CBT.


Flight training

The training for it contains the following minimum requirements:
–  6h total flight time
–  4h dual flight time with instructor
–  one solo cross country flight of at least 150km to another airfield



The examination contains a theoretical and practical part. For theoretical examination the examiner will do an oral exam in the subjects mentioned above. In case of a sucessful theoretic examination the flight exam will be carried out. We can carry out the examination on place with a local examiner.