aerobatic (S)

Did you every dream of doing some aerobatics in a glider?
So take your chance!

We can do aerobatic training with the IS-28 B2 of the local airclub.

There are two types of aerobatic ratings for gliders, the basic and the advanced aerobatic privileges. The training for both privileges start with an theoretical introduction to aerobatics. There are many things to consider, also from the theoretical side, so this training is held before any flying is done.

The basic privileges are limited to the following maneuvers:
– 45° climb or dive maneuvers
– inside looping
– wingover
– lazy eight
– spin
This maneuvers will be the only content of the flight training.


The advanced privileges just know one limitation, that’s the one of the glider.
The flight training consists of the following maneuvers:
– spin
– inverted flight
– chandelle
– lazy eight
– roll
– wingover
– looping
– stall turn / hammerhead
– Immelmann
– roll turn
– Combination of the maneuvers in a basic aerobatic program

Both privileges can be teached during the club activity are Ineu.

Interested? Contact us for pre-entry requirements and other questions!