aerobatic (A)

Did you every dream of doing some aerobatics in an airplane? Or do you just like to know more about abnormal and unusual situations?

Take your chance!

Theoretical and flight training is required in order to obtain the aerobatic rating. We intend to offer aerobatic courses weekwise as we don’t have access to an aerobatic aircraft all year.
The aerobatic rating is also a good experience for your private flight safety, it enhances your situational awareness in emergency situations.

The flight training consists of the following maneuvers:
– spin
– inverted flight
– horizontal and vertical lines
– chandelle
– lazy eight
– roll
– wingover
– looping
– stall turn / hammerhead
– Immelmann
– roll turn
– Combination of the maneuvers in a basic aerobatic program

Interested? Contact us for pre-entry requirements and other questions!